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Beset by financial obligation: what the results are when you yourself have a learning education loan and then leave NZ

Going offshore post graduation? Be equipped for your friendly interest-free education loan in order to become an out-of-control financial obligation monster, writes Chelle Fitzgerald.

Away from sight, away from head.

That’s exactly exactly how i discovered myself an extra $12K within the gap to IRD. It’s a tale as old as time (the ’90s), and lots of an old pupil will spin that you yarn that is similar. A yarn of exactly how we all fucked down to Australia when nationwide ended up being elected looking for a much better life. And an improved life we discovered. Going from $10.50 a full hour to $25 an hour or so ended up being like winning the lottery. I’ll spend my education loan off along with this income that is extra we might excitedly inform ourselves. But we didn’t. We spent that extra money on international travel, mediocre strippers, fine fabric products, and mimosas. Read the rest of this entry »

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